Intermediate frame made of lightweight aluminium profiles with anodised aluminium edging

Front wall as 400 mm aluminium fixed board with 3 rows of aluminium planks

High-quality aluminium cover boards with rounded edges - 3 rows on each side.

Uniform front and rear stanchions - anodised aluminium and lightweight

Aluminium side panels 400 mm high, anodised, removable

Tarpaulin in "customs" design in the template column, with safety cord

Foiled plywood floor with anti-slip texture - glued and screwed

Fixed roof with tarpaulin cover, lightweight aluminium roof structure

Rear side of body 400 mm, opening downwards, removable + standard tarpaulin flap

Rear boarding step

In the rim, load strap holders - one holder per 1mb of box / side

Aluminium anti-bicycle guards

Sleeping cab including side fairings

Parking heating with distribution to the sleeping compartment

Mudguards + mud flaps, external marker lights according to traffic regulations